Hi there!

Hi there!

Hi there, and welcome to a more creative you! YES, that’s right… By signing up I guess that you want to know more about what I do, which means that you’re interested in creativity (whether it be the product, process or person). So it’s a match!

So what’s my creative story?

Well, it goes a little like this…

I have always made things using my hands. I was the child with the very messy bedroom – bits of paper here, scraps of fabric there, coloured pencils, crayons and paints everywhere. No one in our family could ever find the scissors, but they knew they were in MY bedroom – somewhere (oops!).

Naturally, I took art at high school, graduated in the 80’s and yes, back then society told me that I had to stop “playing around” with drawing, painting and sculpture and get a real job. So I did (but managed to sneak the odd art workshop in, just to soothe my soul!)… Time goes on and three kids in my car’s back seat and working full time meant that there was very little time for creating art, until one day I asked myself that one instrumental question: Do I really not have time to improve my well being and become a much happier me? I decided to stop for a very brief moment and reanalyse how I could do this. I just had to create! So I cut back some of my hours at work and traded them for an arts qualification.

Today, I get my kicks out of challenging myself to create to improve other’s well being (as well as my own)… My mission is to paint works that connect with the viewer and add heart and soul to a room or space. I want my paintings to evoke a sense or emotion every time the work is seen, a feeling that can be shared with family and friends, and a feeling that lasts a lifetime…

So how do you commission an original artwork to give your pad a serious boost in personality?

Well, my four easy steps make it so much fun! Read on…

First, take a couple of photos of the space on the wall and the surrounding area that you want to hang the finished piece. Also, give me a rough estimate or the exact measurements of the piece that you would like me to create, or I can decide for you (from your photos) if you are unsure.

Then tell me in your email what you like the artwork to radiate in your special space.

Next, you have the option to visit my Pinterest account “kate carr ART” and save whatever pins appeal to you from my “beautiful art” board  (this is so I can get an idea of your aesthetic style). If you want to let me know what Pinterest boards you would like me to look at, just include the details in your email. Your painting will be an absolute original, painted in my very own style!

Feel free to send me any colour swatches that you feel you absolutely need in the artwork.

Finally, start getting excited!

If for any reason the finished product doesn’t connect with you, just send it back and receive a full refund. (Yes, that’s right, no risky business here!).

Before I begin the work I will email you a quote, contract and invoice for a 50% deposit.

Sneak Peek

Shhh… Here’s the first layer of my latest work – Watch This Space!

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