Public Art

“Where did my vibrant colours, lines and shapes painting style originate from?” I am often asked…


Hmm.. mosaic, mosaic and more mosaic!


Did I mention that I have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to design and coordinate a number of public art projects working with the beautiful medium of mosaic?


Some projects were with my very own trained mosaicists, others were with “one minute” trained members of the public who happened to “stumble across” a project, and the remainder were solo efforts. Participant numbers in each of my projects have ranged from three to 3000!


Have you ever heard of the wonderful quote “Art can bring a community together? Well, I have been lucky enough to have witnessed the magic that occurs, when members of the community and public come together to create a public art piece! Yes, strangers and friends, young and old all working alongside each other in unity to achieve a common creative goal.


If you ever come across an opportunity to join into a community public art project, I would advise you to give it a go and spark the fire of your creative soul!